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Wakerings Farm

Conversion of Curtilage Listed Farmstead

Following our earlier involvement in 2015 to obtain the original planning consent for the residential conversion at Wakerings Farm, we were approached by a new client in 2022 to transform six barns within the curtilage of a Grade II listed farmhouse into four distinctive residential dwellings. This project was not just about creating homes; it was about preserving history, embracing the past, and creating spaces that blend the charm of yesteryears with modern comforts.

Our client’s vision was clear from the start: to retain the agricultural character and historical significance of the barns while converting them into contemporary living spaces. Among the four new homes, three will be marketed and sold, each uniquely designed to reflect its original agricultural use and its contribution to the site. The fourth and most significant barn, enriched with history, will become our client's family home, featuring carefully designed extensions that offer modern luxury without compromising the farmstead's heritage.

The largest barn, destined to be the family home, exemplifies the thoughtful integration of modern amenities within a historical setting. This home will feature an indoor wellness space, complete with a 4m x 10m swimming pool, sauna, spa, home gym, and games room. These extensions have been meticulously planned to harmonize with the existing structures, ensuring that the new additions enhance rather than detract from the farmstead's character. Additionally, this particular barn will see the reinstatement of a long straw thatched roof, restoring its former glory and unique charm.

Each of the six barns presented its own set of challenges and opportunities. These barns, once bustling with agricultural activity, have been altered and adapted over the years. Our approach to their conversion was rooted in sensitivity and respect for their original functions and historical context. We aimed to maintain the identity of each barn, highlighting their individual stories through thoughtful design and careful restoration.

One of the new dwellings will enjoy a particularly enchanting setting. Nestled beside a serene pond surrounded by mature willow trees, this home offers an intimate connection with nature, creating a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Converting these barns was not just about architectural innovation; it was about storytelling. Each barn tells a story of its past, and through this project, we have ensured that these stories continue to be told for generations to come. The interplay between the old and the new, the rustic and the refined, creates homes that are not only places to live but also pieces of living history.

This project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when heritage and modernity come together in perfect harmony.

The transformation of these six barns into four unique residential dwellings is a celebration of history, architecture, and the timeless appeal of thoughtfully designed spaces. As we look forward to the completion and unveiling of these homes, we remain committed to our mission: to create spaces that honour the past while embracing the future.


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